Monday, April 9, 2012

Remember Christ, Remember Bronwyn, Remember....

Crazy but good week.

Tuesday through Friday, my children (Hannah/Max) had standardized testing.  That means nothing is normal.  Bronwyn has school but, not as much.  They could be finished at 11 or at 4 pm.  So, we had our Bible reading in the morning (some) and then off to the Alaska State Fair (testing site).  

Bronwyn and I went and volunteered at the animal shelter twice.  Hannah, Bronwyn and I got to volunteer at a local charity shop (very fun).  

Good Friday in USA is not a public holiday, so we remember His death in a somber evening service.  It was followed up by another type of remembering-time with the short-term missionaries that went to Guatemala.  Wow.  It was a perfect blend of the cost of Christ and the joy and surrendering of self for Christ. I was so PUMPED at how Christ is making a difference in relationships, friendships, and getting full control.  Bye Pride, Anxiety, Selfishness, Covetousness, Materialism. Hello, JOY, peace, Fun, Freedom, Strength. Oh Yeah!

Still on a journey 
Waking up to go and share the Good News at a Easter Egg Brunch for the Journey (young adults & kids) group, I had no idea what was in store.  We usually have a nice group 20 to 40 people. We only had 15 RSVP's, so when the lobby and rooms started filling up I was convinced that someone put an advertisement in the local newspaper.  So, I started asking some of the unfamiliar faces.  Wow, it was a huge blessing to hear the personal invitations from people from Lazy Mt. Bible Church.  The food was enough and thanks to hard work, (Tait/Chad) it was good.  Over 120 people enjoyed the day.  I asked Amber to pray as I used the "Resurrection Eggs" to tell the good news to the children.  The favorite kid quote of the day was when I asked,"Where did Jesus go to pray?"  a quick response, "Olive Garden". 
Thanks to Hannah and Moyers and many others who made it run smoothly.

Chuck-E-Cheese is well known around the missionary kids life as the best place ever to visit when you are in USA. However, now that we live in the USA we limit to birthdays.  And now that we just went, I am issuing the every-other year rule. Wow. It was a crazy mad place with zombie like greedy children playing for 1 cent tickets. CRAZY but Bronwyn wanted to go. Hannah says I have to pay her to drive Max and Bronwyn to go the next time.  What?  I think she means she is too old for that place.

Now, we wake up and it is EASTER & BRONWYN'S birthday and a good few inches of SNOW.  TRIPLE  EXCITEMENT.  We have a great Church, dinner with the family and an American Girl Doll Party with some friends.