Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Audience of One

Today we (the team of 30 people) were able to share what happened in Guatemala.  It was encouraging to the core of my heart.

1) see the photos:  I know that they are just a glimpse of what took place, but it was a journey back to what God did.

2) hear the testimony of the trip: The students again brought their hearts to the stage and exposed their lack of faith and getting true joy and peace from the Lord.

3) it continues:  In the end, the students are called to be faithful and passionate about Christ here.  Most likely many will purse ministry full time, but my prayer is that they will enjoy using the skills of prayer and being obedient to the Holy Spirit leading with joy and faithfulness in their school work, activities, and families.

Now, my home will become another host for the Beth Moore study called "Stepping Up" a journey through the Psalms of Assent.  It is Monday night and my children participate by doing their bedtime routines without me.  James is gone with the College age group.  I so look forward to getting to know the ladies better and encourage one-another through prayer and the Word.

Pray with me that we will perform to an Audience of ONE!