Monday, April 30, 2012

Week in our Life


It was just another gorgeous day here in Palmer.  We are studying Roman mosaics and decided to take the dog and go to the river and collect some gems.  It was a dream.

We painted using Atelier.  I have no idea what happened as my camera was snatched but, I wish I did.

Securing a place for "Squeezed with Loved" my children's lemonade stand for Lemonade Day next to Vagabond blues in Palmer, was top on the list.  They are learning about investing, marketing, and giving.  They decided to buy a goat with their profits for a needy family overseas through Samaratins Purse.

Since it was Rewards day at the Pioneer club at church, Max, Bronwyn and I biked from our home to the church.  It was so refreshing and beautiful.  They all did great on their projects this year. 

Bronwyn and Hannah love volunteering.  Hannah has recently been serving at Thrifters Rock a local charity shop sorting items and cleaning the shop.  Bronwyn and I go and serve at the Animal Shelter.  She is so good with the animals and loves helping with vet with the surgeries.  We spent this Thursday cleaning bathrooms as well.

Finishing Strong
Friday became a great day to have school hanging on the golden tree in front of the library.  We had to go out because of retrieving the coolest new bikes for the seasons thanks to Mat-Su Bike n Hike .  This summer the kidos and I will be learning all kinds of Mountain Biking skills and explore the amazing trails right here in the valley.  Monday nights 6 to 7:30!

I also spent time volunteering at the library as the kids finished school.  I wasn't very fast today because so often I get excited and start perusing the books.  I got a book on pebble mosaic and another couple about decks because James is wanting to expand our entertaining area this summer. Here is our children getting into the deck holes.

We had a lazy morning, after a 6 mile run with a friend.  Then we went to Hannah's spring dance recital.  She did amazing.  It also was rewarding to see some great friends do their senior dance recital.  We came home for a good discussion about Heaven with our life group. 

Spending the day aching and in pain is no fun.  Especially when it is Sunday.  However, a low fever, pounding headache, and lack of appetite meant this girl was sick.  Thankfully, it was only less than a day, and I am able to type and read.