Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No games, bad food, and no fun. But 50 came!

Coffee and Jesus:  perfection

Practical Application in Groups

Getting supplies for the crafts that emphasize the Bible Truths



Teaching others how to do the project

One of my fears coming back to the USA was that my children would not be involved in ministry.  I was fearful that they would just be spoonfed in a well orchastrated childrens ministry.  My first sentence to Andy Miller, Youth Pastor at Lazy Mt. Bible Church, went something like this, "Hi, my name is Ella and I would love to find a way that my daughter could serve as a young person."
Learning how to study their Bible

Well, Hannah wasn't old enough (must be 12) that year.  In retrospect, I can see she had enough challenges adjusting to the new culture and maturity.  I am glad it is at 12. 

Taking notes from the best TEACHER Jesus Christ
Thankfully, Andy asked if I would be interested in help during the YOUTH IN TRAINING (YIT) retreat. After prayer, I believed God did want me to serve there.

I had no idea what to expect or what type of training they would get.  I was blown away at the depth and width that the material lends itself.  Working with Andy and Ian allowed us to teach things we were passionate about.  Since they are both youth pastors, I brought to the table my years of working with children in Africa.

Andy tried all he could to discourage the youth to NOT COME because this is for leaders.  I loved that because they knew that we were there to learn to be leaders and not to be babysat. Nevertheless, 50 people came and sat under 14 hours of teaching from 8:30am to 10pm during a beautiful sunny weekend.

 I am thankful for the hours of training Pat Ayers gave me on the field using the Teaching Children Effectively.  I am also humbled and full of gratitude to Marcie Gustasfon (another missionary in South Africa) who modeled for years how to do ministry to children.  PRAISE GOD.

Signing up to put what they learned into ACTION!
Hannah and her friend Shelby