Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lighten the Load, enjoy the journey

If you missed Carlita Boyles from Math on the Level workshop, I would like to pass on her homeschool wisdom.

Time & Plan

  1. you cannot teach your child everything
  2. give them tools to learn and a love of learning
  3. goal is to be a life-long learner not just to finish the books
  4. you cannot give your child every good experience 
  5. its okay to not finish the textbook 
  6. skip chapters that they already know
  7. choose best things for your situation that will yield life long benefit even if it means letting some good things go.
  8. computer is a time zapper
  9. SSR=sustained silent reading time for school
  10. share your passions with your children & pull them into the activity
Your the Expert

  1. don't put yourself down
  2. your not an expert by birth, you learn your child by observation and studying.  
  3. be intentional on what you are doing
  4. go with maturation (level of brain growth-development)
  5. talk with your children
  6. read books aloud
  1. study summer Olympics
  2. use writing Christmas Cards as part of school
  3. in math have them do budgets
  4. life skills in chores
  5. breaking big ideas into smaller chunks so they will learn
  6. Character traits
  7. keep a journal and put it under each childs bed and begin to tell each other the story.
  8. look for positive thing they do during the day- HUNT FOR THE GOOD
Family Traditions
  1. first day of school (out for breakfast)
  2. last day of school picnic lunch
  3. blessing chains or links with the good you see in your child
  4. keep thanksgiving visible
Keeping things Fresh
  1. change locations around the house, library, or a park.
  2. have school under a tent or table
  3. learn in short lessons with a long term view
  4. nap- rest good for babies up to teenagers
  5. building character a priority
  6. teach etiquette- don't assume they will know how to react in different situations, teach them
  7. break hard things into small chunks and intentionally teach it with expectations
  1. The Ordinary Princess
  2. Little Lord Faunthery
  3. Secret Garden
  4. A little Princess
  5. Five Little Pepper series
  6. Wrinkle in Time
  7. Toby Tyler
  8. Old Yeller
  9. Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil & E. Frankweiler
  10. Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of Nimh