Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A full day

A dear friend wrote about a day in her life and I decided to do the same.

Woke up too late, but made lunch for James. (trying to serve Him better)
Bible Time with the kids (while Hannah and I are eating our breakfast)
*a bit of a sassy attitude from one-need to stop reading deal with that.  Tell the others to journal a prayer.
back to Bible reading
Whoa! good stuff:  my kids start breaking out in song (even my Max who hates singing)  from Deuteronomy 32 as it was given to Moses (Deuteronomy 31:19) to help the Israelites to know God and who to turn to when they sin (which he knows they will do).  Hannah leads the tune and it sounds good as long as I don't sing with them.)

Piano/Singing teacher is here.
Teach the other two where we are going for the week and dish out the requirements.
*Reading, History, activities, Big picture stuff
Re-teach the other one when he is done.
Journal while little one reads her literature book.  Thank you Lord for the needed FUEL for the day.

Great time of sharing and praying with the piano teacher after she tells me one child didn't practice (ugh).

Science: Yes, it is our last lesson. Learned about amazing microscopic animals who "tun"!  Who would of known?  Now I do.
Journal Science:

Etiquette study on how to handle oneself in an auditorium.  We are going to a dance recital coming up.

Find out my watching 5 children tomorrow is cancelled because of strep.  Ugh. Was looking forward to having extra kids.
-Tattler comes, but I send to deal with the person that was the instigator.  They work it out.

Leave to see a friend wile the three are doing a 45 minute writing lesson with Andrew P.  Come home after an amazing walk in the river with Leo and Willow and Melissa!


Grade all their stuff (math, grammar, etc)
Leave for a meeting about a retreat to train the youth to be helpers in ministry and missions.  Training retreat will be this weekend.  Glad to find time to get together and plan for some amazing stuff happening.
Max plays on the Train with the other boys and Bronwyn attends swimming lesson while we meet.

*a bit irritated that the house can't stay clean, but tell Hannah to tidy it up if she is not going to volunteer anywhere today.  She agrees.

Take Max home to finish grammar and get a book. Change for a run.  Take Max to Swimming.
Unload Bronwyn's bike and Willow and have Bronwyn race around the 3 mile loop with me.  She is usually slower, but this time I have to have her slow down as I am running while she is biking.  But, get back in time to get the needed grocery shopping done.

Pick up Max to take us home then tell Hannah to be ready for Ballet.  Dad arrives 5 minutes later, takes her to ballet.  I sit and finish my Bible Study prep, then dish up dinner.  We eat when Dad returns from the ballet.  Enjoy a meal with the family, set up the remaining chairs for the study.  Bye Dad for his Bible study with the college aged students.  Max is disappointed.

Ladies arrive, and we talk, pray and share this last week.  Then we listen.

Beth Moore is amazing and I am cut to the core and encouraged at the same time.  Share some more.  Get a big hug from Jen.

Now, I finish the laundry and put stuff away.  Look at the amazing photos.  Read a blog.  (Thanks Amanda).  Wait for James to come home 10:28 pm not home yet.  Garage opens, 10:30 HE IS HOME!

Make husband edit this blog.