Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I had an unusual day of worship.  We were late.  That is rare as we are typically early to rise type of people and we usually get to church early since James usually has some part in the service.  However, with James gone on the men's retreat, coupled with staying out way to late Saturday night, we woke up when we usually are leaving.  Thankfully, I arrived in time to meet a visitor who also arrived late and was able to show them to the little kids Sunday School. 

I enjoyed a unique way to pray during the service with slides of requests projected on the big screen and I just loved asking our Heavenly Father for God sized things. 

However, I feel a bit of a spiritual cleaning mode brewing in my heart.  As we went home after church, I wanted to prepare the home for James' return.  The van was a disaster. I saw untold junk and rotten stuff all over the back of the van.  Ugh!  As I was sucking up the popcorn, I thought of how spiritually I can just let things "go to pot".  With the van, I had just sat in the drivers seat unaware of the junk that is stinking in the back.  I don't want that in my spiritual life.  I want spiritual freshness to be real and not some air-freshener just covering up my sin, selfishness, or pride. 

Often Sundays at the Embree household is a "no chore day" and a day of rest, but I am thankful for the cleaning and spiritual time of getting my van and my heart right with the Lord. 

Here are some photos of the extended back yard.  (No one wanted photos of a dirty van)

 The River
 The Last Safe Lake  (snow closest is called "Sinking plains"

 Willow (not a lake)
 Sinking plains again
 The famous photographer.  12 year old Hannah