Wednesday, April 11, 2012

7 oceans out my back door

During the heavy snow, I got permission to run through our neighbors field.  The one you see out my back door.  I took the kids out one day because everyone needed a new change of scenery. Willow loves to bounce in the snow.

in the deep winter
Now, we are in our Alaskan spring.  It is another "favorite" time of year.  The sun races to melt the snow during the long days 6 am to 9 pm.  (and we gain time each day).  Then during the night, it freezes again.  So, our backyard is a mixed bag of a huge mountain of snow hanging on with a mix of grass (some green) and a frozen lake around the rocks.

But, across the street, an adventure awaits.  I think while I was in Guatemala James bought the kids wellies (rain boots).  So, now, they LONG to go out there.  I asked Bronwyn what is so neat.  She says, "We have 7 oceans out their and I got to name them." They are asking for hip waders (not to fish).

I sent them out for 15 minutes, and over an hour later, they came bouncing back drenched.  I don't mind.  It is the epitome of childhood.

I need to talk to the farm owner again because I don't want the kids to ruin the hay fields.  Pray for that as I will be bringing some goodies for his kindness to us.