Monday, April 30, 2012

Homeschool Pow Wow!

POW-WOW (homeschool style)
A few people have wondered about Tapestry of Grace and another friend was unable to attend the homeschool conference.  So, I gathered some people together to encourage and equip one another.
Some of the notes include:
  • Read good books, not just fluff. List of good books
    • Honey for a Child's Heart by Hunt
    • Read for your Life by Hunt
    • Books Children Love by Wilson
  • Science Exploration Exploration
    • was good at the experiments and explanation
  • Apologia Science all loved
  • Institute in Excellence in Writing we talked about Fix-it! a grammar book correcting skills
  • Spelling Power
  • Phonetic Zoo Spelling from Institute in Excellence in Writing

  • Scripps Spelling Bee (for the Nintendo DS) which my children's scores on their weekly tests were amazing.  *downsize it is sometime misplaced 
  • Interesting Website help
    • is a fee based math but only has the student work on what he doesn't know
    • is a online subscription that is tailored to math requirements per state and grade
    • is a simple guy teaching math, science, and art and it is free
  • Atelier Art DVD teacher who explains art and makes it do-able for children and adult
  • Teaching Textbooks (video math) that corrects instantly as the student is working on the problems
  • Math u See (mastery math)

There was a long explanation of Tapestry of Grace and the benefits of using this amazing program.

Since it is now spring, I needed the refreshment from others in this journey of training our children.  Thanks for all that came and gave your input.