Sunday, March 4, 2012

Unit Celebrations and the Joy to learning

You have an opportunity when using Tapestry of Grace to end one each of the four units throughout the year with a celebration.  We have had a Jewish feast Succoth and enjoyed going to an African Safari completing our African unit.

Today I will share the most memorable unit celebration we celebrated: Medieval Feast.

Thankfully my husband built a castle/jungle gym for the great backdrop for family portraits.  But, it was a nice place to display our Coat of Arms.

We also invited other guest.  Both of the families that went to the Medieval feast started doing Tapestry in the future.  

My husband directed the show.  He is also wearing a craft that Max completed.

During the feast the dads had a juggling contest.  

Teaching honor and servanthood, the boys are washing the hands before the meal of each of the guests.

I just loved the project the Cantrells did by making a Boar head out of a piece of meat.

Complete with homemade Trencher and no forks needed for this affair.

The children put on a truly entertaining rendition of "Saint George and the Dragon"

Rehearsing this was as fun as the show.

Thankfully the good doctor made everything right.  The children will remember this for a long time.  It was a joy to plan and make it a success.  

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