Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Madness

Okay, I was just BLOWN away by an amazing Northern Lights or Aurora display tonight.  I jumped out of a moving car because it was soooo breathtaking.  Thankfully, James was going slow.  I just yelled at them.  I almost wanted to be a dog sled musher this week imagining the amazing auroras on the night trail.  Thankfully, God just gave me a huge display without having to spend 1000 miles on a frozen trail.  We were just returning from a last dish effort to look for the MISSING CAMARA.  Ugh, I guess I am the worst at keeping a camera.

I also have said goodbye to Facebook for the month.  But, I have quickly replaced that "time waster" on becoming a HUGE Iditarod fan. I just checked it again (online we get up to the second information), Aliy is in the lead going 7mph at 48% of the trail behind her.  Since we are in a home school program, I get up to the second Gps Tracker and Video Insider information.  We all are glued. Okay, I am glued but the kids are interested in it as well.  They are on a race against their chosen musher to read 1023 pages before the race is over.  Bronwyn 2nd grader is reading like mad and is in the lead.

I got to hold a one day old little Noah.  So precious!

Lastly, Willow is now officially an easy wonderful amazing puppy.  That means we moved her crate upstairs and Walla!  She now goes into her little 'den' and she loves it.  No accidents when we leave her even up to 4 hours! She will willingly go to her crate if you say "Willow crate".  Yeah!!!! It was a LONG month.

She is making friends all over the valley. At the Mat-Su college, a guy hunted me down in the parking-lot just to pet her.  And the librarians love her as well at the Palmer Public Library.  If you ever want to meet new people, just buy a great dane.

Oh, lastly, we had our Thursday Bible Study.  We made FUDGE.  Yum.  And we learned about ourselves from the book A Girl After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George.  The girls then made a list of all the qualities that they want in their husband.  Her is Hannah's list:

Loves God more than me
appreciates singing
knew him well before dating
my friends can't hate him
Alaskan Born
he loves the real you
likes to watch movies sometimes
animal lover
lollipop lover
loves my cooking

So, if you can start praying for this guy. That would be nice.