Friday, March 9, 2012

Looks who's 41!

Upon entering the home, you were greeted by ball jars with votives lights.  

Jess was such a help and made little burnt name tags for the drinks.  She also found a similar frame online, but I made the wanted sign.

Guest had to learn to get out of their shell because Gary was doing the "calling".

The food was AMAZING.  The brie and walnuts just melted in your mouth.  

Having a night out without the kids was good for many of the couples.  We laughed so hard because Square dancing is not for sissy.

I just love this man.  Thank you God for another year!

Calvin and Victoria even drove from Anchorage to our little town.The windows were open because of all the heat our dancing feet.

I don't know if it was because the music was blaring out our window or if they neighbors could see that we were having so much fun.  But, our neighbor and his friend across the street came by (we had never seen them before) and asked if they could sing us a song and play us a giddy on the guitar. They actually were really good!  Then they called their other friends back at the home and invited them to come over and danced with us a few songs.

Thanks Gary Feaster for the great Callin'!

So nice to see Amber and Zack!  

 Willow is always wanted in our home