Saturday, March 10, 2012

Can't stop watching

I have been an Alaskan since birth.  But, I have never followed the Iditarod.  Yes, last year my kids read books to race pages against an Iditarod musher, but we didn't really look at the race itself.

This year I am so hooked.  It all started with a friend at church who also attends my Bible Study Andrea. She invited us to Martin Buser's home for a special time.  We got to pet the dogs, and see the puppies.  We even watched a very nice film about his running the Iditarod.  He has won 4 times.  His son Rohn and friend Matt is racing this year.

It was a joy to talk about blueberry picking with Martin's wife Kathy.  She picks in Nome with friends.  She says there are many many blueberries.  I hope I can see Nome this year.  We enjoyed a nice lunch and mingled with the folks.

Then the next day, we went to the Ceremonial start in Anchorage.  We were right at the front and starting line because our friend Adele was suppose to sing.  Adele sang at our wedding and served with us in South Africa.  However, we didn't see her and wondered why. (We found out later she was severely sick and was in bed--Ugh!)

We are posted on the Iditarod photo gallery for the 2012 race!  Bronwyn is right above the "b" in Mobil sign and I am a row back looking with Jess at the camera.

Now, I have the bug.  I can't stop watching the race.  I look and see how fast they are mushing and calculating their rest times and see who did which leg of the race faster.  I have watched about 90% of the videos on the website insider videos.  So much fun!

The leader is Aliy Z. and she is 72% done with the race.  But, it is a close fun race.

Need to sleep in before the daylight saving times kick in. Bronwyn had 8 rips in her jacket because she "loved" everyone of those dogs.  (over 60!)