Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not too young for Tapestry of Grace

I picked Tapestry of Grace after my eldest was around 3rd grade.  Most home school curriculums for sale didn't get deep enough.  I liked the logical progression of studying chronologically History and the Bible/Church/Missions  all interrelated with Art/Music/Geography/Literature from that time period.  It just made sense.
carving out a reverse model
There are many advantages that I see with starting earlier with Tapestry of Grace as I have personally seen with my youngest who was only a preschooler and my middle child in 1st grade.
Painting in Plaster like the Egyptians did

1)  They get to learn along side their siblings in the SAME SUBJECT!  I love teaching, but the idea of me teaching a totally different material to the large age gap was frightening.

Paper bowls
2) Reading one common group book:  I just didn't have that much time in the day to include all the various read-aloud books other programs initiate.  I love having the one book that ties the subject matter together so vividly.

Bronwyn read this book about Anne Frank then made her own little place to live in for the day.  (She lasted 30 minutes)
3) Since Tapestry is on a four year cycle, they have the foundation of information and material that is presented at an earlier age.

During Egyptian Study, Bronwyn labeled each cloth wrap with the persons name: Raho
4) The activities are so relevant to the subject studied, even the older children learn from the grammar projects.  During the Depression era of America, my youngest 1st grade made her own store.  The older children had to do the research and formulate the prices for her items. Then after the store was set up, they had a limited amount of money to purchase the needed necessities.

Helping create her own island using the various of land formations she learned
5)  We use the vocabulary as an opportunity to build in her a vivid language repertoire.  We have in the past write down the lower grammar vocabulary on a white board or chalk board at the beginning of the week.  If a child hears one of the special words, they get to put a check mark to that word.  Active learning!
Egyptian dress up day
 6) The art and activities books that Tapestry of Grace Recommends are easy and fun. I would be overwhelmed by spending hours online researching fun stuff to add to school, but with TOG I just use their books.  I am thankful that any activities that we don't do, we will have three more times in the same time period at an older level.

Making Native American Drums

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