Friday, March 2, 2012

Cocoa Time: TOG with Dialectic

Okay, first.  Tapestry of Grace has learning into four major classical categories:  Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.  My eldest daughter is in the Dialectic or around Middle school level.

Unlike most parents, I could not wait to enter these years of education.  She reads for information, but now we are connecting the dots between what she reads and to formulate her own world view.  It is not a spoon-fed approach but a dialog between the time of history and her own convictions.

Tapestry of Grace has everything laid out.  So YOU CAN DO IT!  On Fridays, we get together around some Cocoa hence the name "Cocoa Time" and we go through the material.  In the well written teachers books, I can easily go through the material and ask questions that help connect the dots and provide a summary of truth for the week.

What is amazing to me is that because I have two younger students that are around the table (not Dialectic but Lower and Upper Grammar) they are adding to the discussion and interjecting their thoughts on the subject based on their books and research.  I wish I would of started "Cocoa Time" earlier.  They are the cream of the curriculum.

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