Friday, February 3, 2012

Mexico (last time for awhile)

This shows the border of California and Mexico. 
Max and I went for a hike on the USA side of the border.  Monitoring the border, we spotted a person hiding near the rocks.  We went to tell the parked car (border car), and he was busy watching the Matrix.  Funny.   

Enjoying a California stroll up around the hills

We worked up a big appetite and enjoyed the Baked goods!
free coffee with every donut purchase

The Dentist (maybe if we didn't have such a sweet tooth, we wouldn't need to see the DR.)

Great glasses to protect my eyes.  I also got to listen to Les Mis and enjoyed the distraction.

Around Tecta, we enjoyed the city.  I never knew sin was so cheap. 

I think they look a bit shocked. 

Just a park bench (where we enjoyed the donuts)

Since our normal lunch place was closed, we went to a new one.  Ugh, cold beans/rice and a rancid smell to the meat/cheese.  I couldn't swallow one bite. (But I ate the rice/beans)

 There were a few homes that had Roosters in cages.  I was told later they were used for Cock fighting.

Hey, ADT is even active in Mexico.  We had this armed response company in South Africa.

Thankfully, I found an amazing lunch quesadilla like (yummers)

Loved the spanish signs

My last dentist room for now.  Three crowns later.