Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Loving parents and laws

She took us to a friends sheep shearing
Hello world It has been a busy few days. I am in the waiting area again for a flight back to Alaska. Thankfully my father in law works for Alaska Airlines and he has been kind enough to help me do some very needed dental work. I am often just shocked at his generosity. I told a flight attendant just yesterday that if my son Max was 3% of his grandfathers goodness he would be an amazing man of God. James mom Donna is always ready to help. She has began to teach my daughters to sew. She is available to watch them and is so welcoming.
standing by the Mexican/American border when we were protecting the USA.

Teaching my children to fish
 We are so blessed with amazing family. Since not having them nearby for so many years, I was a bit nervous, but it has been a Joy Unspeakable. also just last week I was blown away by my parents as well. Even though they are retired they help support my upcoming trip to Guatemala for a short term missions trip. I love to have wonderful parents. Need to board plane.