Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TODAY, we write

Back in November I think, James was able to do a "Compassion Sunday".  He did a great job sharing about making eternal investments.  He also challenged people to take their extra money and instead of filling their shed with new stuff, but be a joyous giver.

One of the things that the Lord showed me in our sponsoring a child was our lack of prayers and letters to the children.  A godly man in our church had a notebook with correspondence going back for years.  His family was able to see God work all around the world changing one life at a time.  He had the physical testimonies of the sponsor children and to see their growth and answered prayers.

Today, all the kids took just a few moments and wrote to both Cecilia and Nshuti. What a real way to encourage another person who needs your love.

If your interested in sponsoring a child or writing your sponsored child it is so easy now.  No looking for stamps.  The letters are sent instantly across the globe after you set up an account online.  Thank you Compassion International.

Below is the letters my children sent to their sponsor children:

Dear Cecilia, I hope you like this note. I hope you are getting lots of things you need. My name is Bronwyn and I am 7 years old. My favorite animal is a dog. We are going to get a big great dane soon. And I am volunteer in an animal shelter. I will be taking care of dogs, cats, small birds, hamsters, gerbils, horses. I just went through part of the training last night. It was really boring. It was all about the things that could happen to you like getting sick. My sister might do it too, but she is waiting for her friend Shelby to do it with her. She couldn't come to the training because her little brother Cody was a problem. Your mother must come to the training, but his father wasn't home in time. So Shelby didn't come neither my sister. I hope you like this letter. I have a picture for you to love Bronwyn. Love, Bronwyn XXOOO's

Dear Cecilia, My name is Hannah. I am eleven years old. But I will turn twelve in March. I hope you have fun with your family and with your friends. Do you have a dog or other pet? My family used to have a beautiful puppy. Her name was Mckinley. We are looking all around for the perfect puppy. Me and my best friend Shelby love drawing people and places that we see around our town. I met her almost a year ago. Her dog's name is Casey. How are your family doing? Mine are doing quite well. In April I have school testing if I pass I will go on to seventh grade. What do you do on your spare time? I like to read. Tomorrow I have battle of the books. At battle of the books they quiz me on the books that I read. If I pass this first contest I will go to the state contest and I will go to a big city and stay at a hotel with my mother. Please pray that I will make the quiz tomorrow. I am so nervous. I hope that I win.The first photo is of me and my friends the second is just me. I hope that you will have fun and enjoy your life. Love, Hannah

Dear Nshuti, I hope your having fun in Africa I am having fun here as well in Alaska. It is really snowy up here. Have you seen snow? It is very fun to make snowmen I hope you have fun playing in the sun. Wish you were here. I am 10 years old and I really into lego's. Are you? Love, Max