Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow to play in? OR to serve others? OR both?

Being that this is our first full winter that we are in Alaska, we purchased all the needed equipment for the children: boots, snow pants, face masks, gloves, hats etc.  Hannah has grown so much that her snow pants are more like "capris" and I am certain that Max's boots are a bit too small. Bronwyn lost her winter jacket the first week of snow (it was florescent green).  Thankfully, we have great second-hand shops nearby and everyone is ready for the snow.

Currently, we have had a winter wonderland (LOTS OF SNOW).  A few weeks back, we had a sledding outing with the young adults at church.  It was a blast.

First we get on the sleds hooked up to the back of the Jeep.

And sometimes we fall off.
We are then toed up the sledding hill/mountain.

Then we get to enjoy a fun fast ride down.

This weekend, part of my thankfulness journey I noticed that we have no snow drifts in our driveway or stairs.  But, I looked out my window and I saw 4 of my neighbors on the other side of the street shoveling and hacking away at the drifts.  I called James and we went to attack the drifts with shovels and face-masks on.  Bronwyn came too to jump on and help break up the snow.  The neighbors were so thankful for our help.  We are glad to finally meet our neighbors.

Today, I was able to meet and older couple struggling to get their back door free from the snow drifts.  I am thankful that God opened a way to share God's love to others.  No need to run today, shoveling is a free workout!
Annie playing in the LARGE AMOUNTS OF SNOW