Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beauty and the Beast: The Puppy (the long story)

As you might know, we love Great Danes.  We had them in the past, and now that we are established in our home, it is time for the dog.

Well, it was a journey. I soon realized being in Alaska, makes shopping for a dog a bit of a challenge.  I would respond to Craigslist advertisements with no response. When someone did call me, I heard the "breeder" say, "Well, the puppy is $1000 and is a purebreed dog, but I don't have the papers yet. They will come in once the stud shows me his papers.Or, I could charge you $3000."  What!!!! You mean you didn't get the papers prior to breeding the dog.

Then, when I would call a real breeder, the problem was timing.  Dogs go into heat twice a year and usually they will only have one litter a year. So, the few (maybe three) breeders are not having any puppies.

So, we began to look at rescue dogs.  However, because of our very sad story with Kenai. We didn't want to bring an animal into our home that we didn't know the entire story. Kenai, when we first met him and even up to the first 6 months, was incredible. However, he was too protective and was abused.  Ugh.

I called a breeder in Fairbanks, and she didn't have any puppies, but had a 9 month show dog Pandora.  This dane would be co-owned.  We would need to bring Pandora to the local dog shows.  However, her children were too attached and cried all night.  So then she offered a puppy to bring into our home as a co-owned dog in June.  Ugh.  We looked at that.  But, we thought how often do we (the Embrees) just sit around with nothing to do.  The thought of adding a two hour drive on Friday and Sunday to transport a dog to Anchorage for the Dog Shows made us uneasy.  We don't have that extra discretionary time.

Then there was a 10 month old male great dane rescue in North Pole, Alaska.  However, he required surgery for his eye that was estimated at $600 + his rescue fee. ugh.

We also had an opportunity to get a Great Dane that someone returned to the breeder.  However, the "breeder" from a different state didn't know common knowledge things about Rabies shots. So, we didn't get that one.

About this time, I had taken up MANY MANY HOURS of looking online.  Calling breeders.  Talking to God.  Getting my hopes up and down.  Then I read about glancing at things and gazing on the Lord.
I was in my "hunt" mode.  Trying to make this happen.

I love the way facebook brings people together.  An old classmate from highschool had posted her many photos of her Great Dane Leo.  I found out the information about where she found him.  She had went to the breeder and brought him back to Alaska. She had raved about the breeder and the amazing home that the puppies were raised into.  I called the breeder near Chicago, and found out that Leo's sister had not been adopted.  She was a mantle.  She was crate trained and potty trained.  They had a waiting list for the harlequins but not for the mantles.

Now, here is where the disappointment comes. The dog is in Chicago not Alaska.  Not close at all.  So, I suggested to James to fly down and pick up the dog.  However, it would take another few days away from the children and a "waste" of a ticket.  I was not happy.  But, I told James I submit to your authority even if I don't like it.  I will.

Later that night, I suggested that maybe Jess could come and bring the dog with her.  She would get to see us (she has been dying to visit us in Alaska) and we could get the dog as well. James asked if she was available.  So, I called her. I told her to pray about it, and get back to me on Sunday. I told her if she didn't come, it would be fine.  There would be other dogs, but if she did want to come, we would love her to visit.

The entire weekend, I was filled with PEACE.  I had no idea if she would say yes or no. It really didn't matter.  God gave me peace and joy.  And I was no longer angry. I often felt so silly being caught up with finding a dog.  I have friends who are going through tough marriages, cancer, etc.  I took my prayers to a God that can handle it all.

As you know, she said YES! You can read her side of the story here.   We get to invite the beast on Tuesday.  So, I get my best friend Jess (who is beautiful) and a dog.  Beauty and the Beast.

Yes, I am terribly spoiled and loved by my heavenly Father.  Jess is even able to bring our last few remaining items from Africa that has been stored in Chicago.
Introducing:  Willow