Saturday, February 4, 2012

A little EXCITEMENT: Three Volunteers!

All three of my children had an amazing Saturday.

Bronwyn finished up her training at the Mat-Su Animal shelter.  She spent 6 hours learning how to care for animals and do her job as a volunteer. Did you know that you can get high school credits for doing volunteering?  (she is only 7 but still, neat)

the first one where they tried to scare her away listing all the dangers.

Then Max got to go to Lego Club with his friends the Bacons!  

When I asked Max what service is he going to do in the community, he said, "I am going to help Nonna.  I like helping her and washing her windows."  I just love it!

Hannah got to spend the entire day with a last minute sleep over to her friend Shelby.

Hannah is volunteering at the local public library.  She loves it and always comes out with more new finds!!