Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be Mine

Jess had a great write up about our activities.  So, I don't need to repeat it.  However, I do want to express my love.

I am thankful that on this Love Day.  I was able to spend time in the beautiful place God has called us to serve.

I am thankful for my friend for almost one year Kim who checks up on me and is truly a good friend.

I am thankful that God allowed Jess to come and be apart of my life for a month, but the time spent listening and encouraging another will be remember way pass her visit.

I am thankful for James and the steadfast, loyal, kind, gently, caring, handy love he shows me in countless ways.  (He got me these gorgeous tulips)

I am thankful for the three children God has entrusted to my care to raise, train, love, and send out to be His witnesses of Gods grace.  Again, I pray often that they will do whatever the Lord wants them to do and go to the ends of the earth to share God's love with others.

I am thankful for God's Word.  Everyday (and I mean) EVERYDAY.  He speaks to me.  In His Word, I can see: Just this week
1) His Character:  strength, joy, forever father, holy, ownership (he owns everything) Psalms 24:1, Almighty, Strong, King of Glory, great mercy, Love Ps 25:6, Good, Son of God, Sovereign Lord (Ex 34:23)
2) Guiding Me:   Just today
He has all Authority and has given me a task to do.  Disciple others.  Matthew 28
I will sing and make music to the Lord even after a day of trouble even with enemies surrounding from Ps 27:6.
You equipped the saints to do the work, and they did it.  Help me Lord to use the skills you have given me to do YOUR work.  Exodus 37-38.

I am thankful for the Church.  The Big Church, and our local Body of believers.  James did an excellent job preaching the passion of our church: To Know Christ and to Make Him Known.  If you missed it you can click it!

I am so thankful for our Life Group.  We share a meal together, we study God's truth together, we laugh together, we pray together, and I usually laugh so hard I cry.  Sophia made this cake and it also symbolizes the love we have for one another.  Even though we host it in our home every week, it is a joy and NEVER a burden. It is a great way to unwind after the business of life. Thank you Lord. We even broke bread together.

I am also so thankful for the Monday "Having a Mary's heart in a Martha's world" Bible study.  I love the way we can share with one another are really encourage each other.  We have seen so many answered prayers.  It fuels my prayer life!  Thank you women.

 Oh, yah! Our love day gift this year was WILLOW.  She is learning that our home is full of people and is a fast learner. Love her already.