Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dead cries in a Big City.

What in the World?

It is so exciting to be in a small town.  I love the fact that every time I enter a store I will see someone I know.  It means that everyone is important.  We just got back from the grocery store and ran into Joe.  I love it.

I read a disturbing fact of a murder that happened in a big city and even though 30 people heard her cries for help the victim was murdered slowly over a 30 minute ordeal.  The problem was that too many people heard.  The problem of someone else is going to respond, "I don't have too."

I personally have witnessed this. (No not a crazy murder). But, while I was in a big apple, I was enjoying the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I sat down for a few minutes while James was grabbing our jackets and this lady sat next to me and just started bawling.  She had a hood on and tears were screaming down her face. 500 people in the room, and no one noticed or even comforted her.  I saw it again on the subway.  A person in her right mine, just sobbing.  Not a single person tried to console.

How often do we not say something to point someone to Christ because maybe others will do it.  STOP IT!  Speak up.  Share what the Lord wants you to share today and not wait for the other guy.  You will be my witnesses, Jesus declared.

We have the cure for the pain of the world.  To reconcile people to a holy God.  To provide freedom and an end to loneliness.  God with us!

I am also so encouraged to hear other followers of Christ speaking truth to strangers.  And the cool thing is that everyone is made in the image of God and God cares about that person.  Keep sharing your faith.