Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend Fun: Skate Skiing & A Concert for HIM & 50's Diner

As you know, James and I have joined the winter sport of Skate Skiing.  We love it.  It has been hard to learn, and a few weeks of bitter cold.  However, on Saturday, we ventured out and took Willow and the kids to a close park nearby.

The trail was a bit hard and SOOOO FAST.  I haven't had those conditions.  It was just a breeze to skate ski around the park.  Willow did great greeting the other skiers and dogs (lots of them).  She stayed right by me with no leash.  Yeah.

On Sunday, Hannah, Max, and Bronwyn had their Love Day Concert.  They did a great job.  I love the confidence and using their gifts to honor God.  Bronwyn sang Great is the Lord, and Hannah sang Beautiful One.  Max tickled the keys.  Paula Monroe does such a good job emphasizing the Lord and giving Him the praise!

We also ended the night with a fun play called "Uncle Phil's Diner".  It is a dinner/theatre with a 50's theme that our wonderful Butch Wetherington puts on.  My own Donna Embree was a waitress in training.  Hannah borrowed an outfit from our Anita. (Thanks friend). Our waitress/actress was so sad because she was stood up from her date for Prom.  Hannah told her, "If you have Jesus in your heart, you don't need any Hank," to try to cheer her up.  Bronwyn was thrilled to win BINGO (but we all won on the same number).  And I came home with an Apple Pie from the drawing!