Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankfulness... kills anxiety

Well, James said it.  The magic words that I have been longing to hear.  "Let's go look for a dog." Good and bad.

Good part:
Now, that we are settled into our home since moving in the end of October, it is time to find a dog.  Like I posted before, I really would LOVE a Great Dane.  There happens to be one that we might get that is 9 months old and house trained and kennel trained. We just need to be selected by the breeder as a perfect fit.  The stunning dog is named Pandora and is the one with the natural ears in this picture.

Bad part:
I was so excited last night, I hardly slept. So, instead of being being anxious about whether we get her I will count my many blessings and keep looking UP:

1) an amazing home with views of both the sunrise over the mountains and the sunset
2) great friends who shoulder my concerns
3) people to pour into (discipleship and peers)
4) Friday morning breakfast with Anita Moiser that gives me an excuse for making a more elaborate meal.
5) relationship with my Savior who protects me and cares for my needs
6) understanding and encouraging husband who is a blast to do anything with
7) children who love reading and learning -spent the last hour on the couch reading together under the electric blanket.
8) a heated garage
9) wind drifts that avoid my road and driveway so that we don't have to shovel
10) family that loves my children and enjoys our company!
11) parents that still surprise me with their unending love
12) great friends for my children
13) health and exercise
14) ability to learn about God with my children through the Bible readings
15) great library
16) love for missions and what God is doing around the world
17) heart that is still in Africa thankful for the lessons learned- Yebo Africa!
18) coffee and Kindle with a fireplace 
19) seeing others enjoy taking photos from my back yard because it is soooo beautiful. 
20) Life groups and our little church
21) Heaven!

"Life works better when we know how to glance at things but gaze at God.  Seeing Him clearly will enable us to see all other things clearly."

We had an amazing time today doing our "Young Woman after God's heart" Bible study.  The girls got to dream up of their best decorated bedroom.  Share ideas about honor parents in keeping their stuff tidy. 
The crazy fun was when we got out the tie die as part of our Homeschooling project this week.

Hannah even made one for her dad.  I got one as well.  So, we will show the finished product later.