Monday, January 16, 2012

Need one another to grow!

“Many of us in the church are under the mistaken impression that the way to produce spiritually mature Christians is to enroll people in a course on spiritual maturity. We give them books on the subject. We take them to passages of Scripture. We hand out assignments and worksheets. Nothing wrong with these activities. But has it ever occurred to you that spiritual growth is rarely a product of assimilating more information?”  Howard Hendricks

Today was one of those days.  When I look around the room, I see everything out of place and highlighted ORANGE.  However, in reality only a few things are being used and out of place.  I caught myself three times to not say things harsh.  

Tonight at our Bible Study is when we will be talking about SERVICE. Every week, no matter how tired, I love the time spent encouraging and loving one another.  

I EASILY COULD BE A MARTHA TODAY: irritated, agitated, and absorbed by work. Thankfully I chose to serve out of love and was calm with my children. Thank you for others.  

Knowing Christ involves relationship, growing in Christ also involves relationships. Most of us don’t need to know more nearly as much as we need to be known more. We don’t need a set of principles to practice nearly as much as we need other people to help us. We need someone to believe in us, stand by us, guide us, model Christ for us. We need other’s encouragement, wisdom, example and accountability we need their smiles, their hugs, their frowns, their tears. by James Embree

Running Example:   I also received a call that helped today.  It is -14F below 0.  No one would run, but not Annie.  She called me up and because of her promptings, we went running.  It was fun, but once my eyelashes got a bit stuck together on my left eye.  So, I was able to run faster knowing that a warm place was waiting for us at the end.  I needed her encouragement.  Thank you Lord for the practice of building one another up for their benefit.  
Cooking Example:  Just a few weeks ago, a few friends met to exchange recipes and talk about food/meal prep and planning.  We learned so much just by having our favorite recipes out and bringing up short-cuts.  We easily all walked away with some family tested meals. I even found a recipe I had lost for over 10 years!

Hiking Example:  James and I have gone hiking with our children.  They did okay, but a lot of complaining and such.  However, when we bring a friend or two, they don't complain and enjoy the hike.  Hannah and Max both didn't make it up this hike (without friends) and easily made it the second time with others.

Lastly, ski clinics.  I can watch you tubes, read all the books, and click on every blog about skate skiing.  However, I have learned 100 X's more by hearing and watching the instructors.  Thankfully, there has been  two free clinics and a dear friend who has skied for years taught me the first time.  I am still learning. But, since they have the personally attention and can see what I am doing wrong, I am corrected to the right way.  Same way with Spiritual growth.  We need to rub shoulders with people regularly to have them get to know our hearts and motives.  We need to look for ways to love and encourage them in the best way that they are formed.  

 (the instructors are in Blue)