Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chocolate and Girls

Last year during my time with the Lord I really felt the prompting to invest in Hannah through a special Bible study/cooking.

We named it Our daily bread but we only have baked bread once. TODAY we are starting a new study just for preteens it is called "A girl after God's Own Heart." I am also glad that I am able to prioritize our relationship.

 We usually have just three or four girls. When the girls arrived, I was surprised that all four of use used an electronic book (three Kindles and one Nook).

 I am thrilled to make peppermint bark from Jess Case recipe.

 Hannah said a few months back, "Mom, you know as we are getting older into a teenager, we get closer because we are more mature and can relate with each other." Love it!

We ended our time together with some Dance Party on the Kinect.  So much fun!