Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spiritual Gadgets

I googled "spiritual gadgets" with some surprising links.  I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  It zaps my time (if I let it). I love to be away from it all out in nature by hiking, skiing, etc.  However, it is the first thing I want to check.

Even there are downfalls to technology, but there are also some quite nifty benefits.

1) Ipod:
    a) first it helped me for puppets.  No longer a skipped song on a cd player.  But actually a great playlist to have dramatize scripts.
   b) songs of worship when running or anytime.
   c) podcast with challenging messages on a number of subjects
   d) I get very distracted and will play some instrumental hymns or classical music "Our Daily Bread" while studying God's Word.

2) Kindle
Before I list the many ways, I really like my Kindle.  I can show people some of the ins and outs.  I get talking about the Kindle and then I usually stop and tell them I love Jesus more.  I do get quite excited.
  a) Net Bible  It was my Bible that I learned about last year in Arizona.  I love the translator notes. You can read about the translation and their passion to be a free research tool.
      -I kept a years worth of reflections in the notes and some sermon notes right in the text where it was found.
  b) reading great books that spur on my spiritual growth.  I was visiting Grace Bible Church in Elmhurst, IL and during their Sunday school they were studying "Crazy Love" by Chan.  I just went to the online kindle store and purchased the book and was instantly part of the discussion.
  c) One book, multiple users (in the family).  Allows for us to share the books simultaneously.  So, as we are studying "A Girl after God's Own Heart" by George, we both can use the book around the table (on different devices)

3)  Apps  (used on different devices-we use ours on the Fire or you can use your home computer)
 a) YouVersion which allows a person to have a variety of reading plans, different versions of the Bible.  And it will "read to you".
b) RememberMe Bible memory apps that have a few games and memory review plans for spiritual growth.

4) Internet (too many to name, but just a few I have used)
*websites, groups
  a)  puppetresource  is a free puppet script site.
  b) gotquestions.org is for researching questions
  c) Bible.org
  d)  Facebook  - we have a bible memory group to challenge each other to learn our verses.  It was also instrumental to get the news out quickly for prayer or activities.

Personally, this year 2012 I want to limit my time in order to make the best use of my days and look forward to no computer days during my week.