Monday, January 9, 2012


Some crazy things about me:
1) I can't stomach any details about medical procedures.
2) I couldn't even make it through the child birthing classes
      Almost about to faint/nausea I spent the rest of the time in the bathroom, while James learned how to give birth.
3) Upon entering a dentist office, I saw a IV bag (not hooked up to anyone) and I ran to the bathroom just in time to faint and knock my head on the bathroom sink.
4) My children run to Dad not Mom when they are hurt.
5) Christmas eve, when getting my eldest daughters ear pierced, I ended up laying on the cold tile floor at Walmart because I was scared I would fall down when I fainted.  Little old ladies were asking if I was okay.

There are many more but, those come to mind right now.  However,  I will get a shot because I am one of the adults going on the Youth Missions trip to Guatemala with Paradise Bound.  We are leaving in 9 weeks.  

While working alongside Paradise Bound staff as well as Guatemalans we will share the gospel with the locals. During this time we will have opportunity to hand out Bibles, food, and help with a Gospel presentation that the staff will put on. The next few days we will help put on a mobile medical clinic in a rural village, after which the staff will show the Jesus Film.

Thanks for those who have been praying for the team.  We had an encouraging meeting with the parents and students.