Monday, November 21, 2016

My thankful list

My Thankful list...

I do want to proclaim how much Jesus has done for me.  Reading about how Jesus healed a man tormented by many afflictions this morning, I was moved by the response that he went and told the CITY what God has done.  So, here is a little sample of the transformation God has done in me.

Thank you Lord, that I am healed both from the sickness of sin, but the pain of abandonment. I am engraved in the palm of His hands.  Never forsaken.

I am no longer live under the guise of a "people pleasing" person who finds her fulfillment of what others say about me. No longer bound by people-praise; however, I can find freedom in walking with a satisfying relationship with You, my Father.

I no longer tossed to and fro by relationship with men who can no longer fulfill my needs or being addicted to wrong relationships.  But, I have a healthy and vibrant relationship with James (almost 19 years).

I have been healed from the overwhelming cycle of food obsession and eating disorder.  Always trying to make my body "perfect" to gain control and master over something.  To be loved and to feel complete in Him.  He's my all in all.  I am FREE!   God has the reigns and I can trust Him in that overwhelming mental area.

I am a free women in regards to explosive anger!  I don't have to shout to be a powerful women.  I can trust and not bully my children.  The freedom of being a changed women, means I need to daily walk with Him. I am not alone with the Holy Spirit being my counselor.  I am transformed!

I'm free from being a victim.  I no longer need to drown my sorrow in substances that kill. I am free from my sexual abuse and can love those who hurt me. I am truly JOYFUL!

I am pure and holy and live a free-unchained life because of Jesus death.

So that even the most selfish decision I made, God took that evil and brought me to Himself.

To be Loved
To be free
to shine for Him!

That is what He did.  He took my brokenness and made me beautiful.  That is what I am thankful for this year.