Tuesday, November 29, 2016

28 Day Challenge

Day 1:  Truth- In what ways do you feel out of control in your life?
Right now, it is a crazy time.  It is a valley time.  Nothing is certain except God's Word and His Character.  I have my health, my family, friends. However, nothing is permanent and even my husband's job is in transition.  We are a very active family, wanting to impact this community and be a light.  But, I have no idea if we will be in our home in the next two months or still walking through the unknown.  God is faithful.  But, this control person has no control but to cling to the ROCK who is stable.

Day 2:  Blessing the Night
Dare:  Go outside at night and count 100 stars.  Pray when you see the brightest star!  The person who wrote this challenge had NO IDEA that it would be -2 below 0 and with a wind chill of -17.  Ugh.  But, it was STUNNING!  I counted by 10's. My prayer was that that God's Will Be done on Earth.  Added blessing of square shaped crystals on the stairs and frozen eyelashes (my favorite).  Keep hot and steaming.  Thanks Mellissa.