Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dropping off Hannah for her class at Palmer High a song came to the radio.  It brings a laugh to my heart when I usually hear it because of Christina's amazing banjo skills.  But, today it struck me like a stream of rushing water filling my soul.
I was just reminded of how I need to moment by moment drinking in His goodness.  Be like that tree planted by stream of water-never running dry. In the song, it speaks how we dig deep in God's Word to find His heart and to know Him.  
I love the lyric about how we have a purpose to THRIVE instead of survive.  Thank you Lord for a purpose bigger than me especially when I get bogged down in the daily tasks of life.  
I also love that our purpose is not to just "bless me" but to make HIM known.  Please Lord help me be a faithful and loving witness of YOUR goodness today and always.