Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yeah, Gray hair!

I am still in my 30's and I have gray hair.  I love it!  This is not a new thing, it all surfaced about 2007 when I met two beautiful ladies.  No, really beautiful.  One was my daughters best friend mom.  She was full of spunky clothes and great smile, but her hair was totally gray.  As we talked and grew to love her passion for the Lord and her joyous personality, I asked her one day, "Why do you have gray hair?" (it sounds rude typing it, but I was curious).  She told me that before she turned 20, she went gray.  Her mother is a beautician; but, she didn't want to hide behind the color bottle.  

That got me thinking. I started going gray earlier (genetic I think- as my dad at age 30 was "salt & pepper). I never really liked the various colors the hair stylist would make my color.  After every attempt, it just wasn't me.  

I asked God for help to give me insight into my image.  He loves me no matter what I look like (color or gray).  

Then I asked James (husband), do you prefer to have no gray or natural.  He told me, it didn't make a different to him.  Yes!

I read in a book that gray hair makes me more approachable to younger women.  I don't know if that is true.  But, I like being able to mentor younger ladies.  I guess if they see me as "old and gray" maybe it will be a sign that I care.

Interestingly, I met my daily running partner at 7 in the morning when I was living in Africa.  She asked after letting the color grow out, "Did you get highlights?" 
"No, God gave me these."

So, if you need encouragement to go gray or not.  It is a choice.  I am glad that I have total peace about having gray and I am loved completely from my heavenly father- no matter if my hair is gray, purple, or brown.  I just love the freedom of being me.