Monday, February 3, 2014

Ladies Retreat

Watching God Work.

After a weekend of seeing the work of the Holy Spirit in many ladies lives, it is a complete confirmation of the value of stepping outside of the business of life and retreating.  Thank you for all who prayed for my session.  It wasn't without some technical scarynesses but, God came through and it worked.

I am also thankful for people who are being Loved by God and seeing how they can be encouraging to other women.  Yeah!

Knowing that I really wanted to be intentional with my conversations and hearing from the Lord, I decided to even leave the cell phone off.  It was refreshing to not be constantly buzzed, beeped, or the lure of looking up information.  No list to cross off, no planning to coordinate.  I was free from the technology/informational demands that accompany the vibration of my phone.

Thank you Lord for that gift of silence.

On a little run, we (Kiersten & Sara) ran into even more of God's uniqueness.  We thought the frozen lake had a feather problem.  It was so strange.  You could break off the "feather/ice crystals and eat them".  Super cool.

I am a bit sorry to not even take out the camera for photos, but these are the only ones I took.  Breathtaking weekend up at North Star Bible Camp.