Monday, February 24, 2014

A fun reading Comprehension Web Site!

When I was in Africa, I missed the summer reading programs that local libraries sponsor to get prizes and fun stuff for reading.  So, I stumbled across a neat website called Book Adventure that would test the actually comprehension of a book.  You can earn prizes (but you need to be in USA), so we made our own party at the end of the summer.  

A second reasons why I liked this website, is that when my eldest daughter was devouring books, I wanted to make sure that she was actually understanding the content of the material.  Running after two littler kids, I didn't have time to read the book myself.  So, I stumbled across a neat website that has the tests already made.  Yippee!!

I hope you can use these comprehension tests.  I am using one this week because I got the alternative book on the Tapestry of Grace Reading Assignments and I needed a "worksheet" to document her reading.  So, a book called "The Land I Lost" by Huynh Quang Nhuong I just searched and next week Bronwyn will take the quiz.