Friday, December 21, 2012

Our Christmas Letter Blog

When asked the kids to write a bit of the Christmas letter I got:"I hope you have a Merry Christmas."
Asking to add some more details I got the second time: "I have a good sledding here. How is your snow? "
So, I decided to interview them. You can guess the person  or look at the bottom of the page.

What I wish I could spend my time on?
a. Build and improve things on lego
b. Go to the animal shelter or go on playdates
c. Hanging out with friends
d. Mountain biking and rock climbing
e. skate skiing, knitting, reading, blogging

I can't believe that I... (not really unbelievable)
a.climb the Butte (little mountain) over and over this summer.
d. almost have a teenager
b. don't have any friends to play with on Saturday.
c.went to drama camp.
e. learned to knit this year.

Can't wait to...
a. go Mountain Biking again. It was a blast and a workout.
b. get Christmas gifts.
c. eat more chocolate.
d. go hiking next summer.

e. see my parents this summer (hope)

If I had a $100,000 dollars I would...
a. give it to Compassion International.
b. give it to the poor and be a missionary.
c. fly to Africa.
d. give most of it away, but get a better mini van.
e. give it personally to missionaries arounds the world.

Favorite book you read this year?
b. Turtle in paradise by Wendy Max
c. Hunger Games by Susanne Collins
d. Wierd by Craig Rochel
a. The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
e. So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

Favorite Website?
a. poptropica
e. or

Crazy thing?
a,b,c,d,e, Fire in our neighborhood

Who is Jesus Christ to you?
a. savior, someone who I really love, pretty much the ultimate scapegoat for everyone sins
b. rock and foundations, my comforter, and healer, we need him, and my shelter.
c. Father, and shepherd, foundation for my life, counselor
d. God, Savior, and Lord
e.  My Redeemer, my God, My everything

We Wish you all the best this year,
Ella for the family
a. Max  b. Bronwyn c. Hannah d. James. e. Ella