Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Funny Christmas and New Things this Year

Are we losing it?

1) We wanted to continue our tradition to let the kids open one present.  However, this year, we wanted to adopt the New Jamies for that one gift.  Hence, in the morning when we open gifts, their ankles and wrist would be properly covered (all three kids grew so much this past year, their old jammies look like capris).  Guessing which present, I thought I knew.  So, we had the kids open the gifts.  WRONG - WRONG -RIGHT.  Hannah and Max both opened their gift to find NEW PAIR OF JEANS, and Bronwyn got the pjs. I just laughed until I cried. They said, "Did Bronwyn need to open jeans?" I almost wanted to open some more to "find" the pjs.  But, we resisted and smiled.

2)  Now, the kids went to bed with one in the new pjs.  Before we rested for the night, it was the time to help Santa with the stockings.  As we looked at the unnamed stockings, we had NO IDEA whos was whos.  What??  We knew the kids knew.  James said go ask (nonchalantly).  Bronwyn is asleep. Max is asleep. So, I carefully opened Hannahs door.  Here eyes awake, "What?" she asked.  "Um, which one is your stocking?" She told me and laughed.  I also obtained the information about Max's as well.  I put my hand on her face and declared,"You will forget this." And left the room.  With the added information, I told James and the loading began.

3)  Christmas morning comes and the unveiling of gifts with grateful kids warms my heart.  However, NO PJS.  We give a look to each other, then go to the undisclosed location to find our Black Friday bags hidden.  Yeah, Christmas gifts found.  However, Hannah is taller than me so, we got the  pj for teens but, they would fit all three of our children in the pants.  I am NOT joking.  Max's one that we found, fits around his forearm and too small.

We had an amazing Christmas.  We are blessed with a wonderful family, extended family, and church family. We are rich beyond measure.

Five things that we did for the first time this year.

1) Christmas Carol singing at my friends home.
2) Ringing the bell at the Salvation army bucket at Fred Meyers on Christmas Eve
3) Cut down a real tree
4) Invited our neighbors for Christmas dinner.
5) Cookie Exchange with Bible Study Movie Night "It's A Wonderful Life"
Merry Christmas Everyone!