Saturday, December 29, 2012

Finished, but not really

So, yesterday I realized in my quiet time that I was completed my Bible in a Year.  Most people would be delighted.  But, I was finished but disappointed.  This year my delight in God's Word has been growing. Daily, I found truth about My Righteous Lord and could praise Him. Even the children joined me this year.

In the morning, I liked that I  knew exactly where I can meet my Savior and Lord and listen to HIS word.  I didn't have to flip and guess or wonder where I was going to read.  My app (You Version) which wasn't perfect, but it at least pointed me to the right scripture.  I loved that I had scheduled readings Monday-Friday.  On Saturday/Sunday, I could do other study or just reflect on the multitude of truth and conviction the Lord brought about during the week.  It was called CCV The Bible in One Year.

So, Yeah.  The good news is I can begin again on Monday!

I also wrote about this last year about Bible Reading plans.