Saturday, August 11, 2012

My man. I am so glad he did it!

I love hiking.  I have climbed countless mountains in the past three months.  However, I am not alone in this pursuit.  My hunny has been climbing right beside me.

We enjoy God's playground and have interesting conversations up those trails.

This year, James wanted to do the Mat-Peak Challenge.  It is an insane race up two mountains.  You race up Lazy Mountain then down the back of it, hike up Mat-Peak, then back down.  They you climb up the back side of Lazy Mountain to the top and back down to the trailhead.

It has been called the "Ultimate Mountain Run" with a 14 mile ascent and descent of two mountains including 9000 feet of elevation gain and loss.  Ugh.

My husband is not afraid of challenges and he did it.  My friend (Christy who won) says that this race even the other mountain runners steer clear from because it is so much harder.

I asked him at the end his thoughts, "It was a dream....a NIGHTMARE!"  He believe the pain was so much more than any marathon.  I just am thankful for no injuries.

James said that the coming down Lazy Mountain was slicker than snot.  He even was crouched on his feet and sliding down because he couldn't stand up.