Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Annie is Back

There is an amazing gal named Annie who is full of life and passionate for Jesus.  She just got back from serving the King in China.  I love missions and I wanted to help by giving her time to debrief and reflect and to teach me.

Of course, sitting around a cup of tea would be a normal debrief.  We did things different.  We went on the most exhilarating mountain bike single track ever.

We often find ourselves in adventures together.  So riding down a single track the wrong way, getting lost, going over jumps, feeling like I was on a fast roller coster, and riding perpendicular to the ground was just some of the ride today.

During the trail, we mostly screamed.  We did have time to talk on the drive to the trail and home. It was so encouraging to hear the lessons learned and the challenges and joys she faced.
"I learned this over the summer in China that it is worth laying
down the pride of independence to introduce Jesus to someone for the
first time" by Annie Rowland.