Friday, August 10, 2012

choices...less is more

Before starting a school year there is the choices of "extra" activities.  I thankfully have almost finished For the Children's Sake by SUSAN SCHAEFFER MACAULAY. It is refreshing summer read book that I will re-read.  I do value the  principle of keeping the children's schedule free to play and be kids.  In the book, she values highly the effect of being in the outdoors.  We live in Alaska.  So, we need to be a bit creative to keep our kids active during the dark days of winter.  

But, as of now, I am so excited that I will be out of the house ONE DAY a week during school time.  Yes, on two nights, either James or I can bring Hannah to ballet but it is after dinner and gives us some good time to connect with our oldest.  I choose to combine our one day out with a myriad of activities.  So, we will be free to go walk in the park or listen to a concert at the local library. 
enjoying a flute concert at the Art & Garden Fair in Palmer, AK

Not too early to learn about vegetable shopping from local growers.  

Max: (before being eaten by a giant Venus Fly Trap)
Pioneer Club
speech share co-op
Science co-op
(later: Swimming)

youth group
speech share co-op
Science Co-op
Middle School Book Club

Pioneer Club
speech share co-op
(later: Swimming)