Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mighty Hunter Ella

These two were in my yard, how easy to shoot.  
"So Hunny, I want to shoot a moose.  I am tired of buying hamburger at $4 a lb," declared Ella.  Her humble husband just laughed.  "I see them all the time, I just need to get someone to give me a gun and a license and I will kill it and fill up our freezer."

I am totally serious.  However, as I looked into everything and thankfully, I have many friends who know how to pack meat.  I have researched and read many sites like this one... Hopefully, James will stop laughing and use the axe to break the rib cage (looks tough). James jokingly said I will have my kindle fire open and you tube videos showing how to dress the moose (and that means cutting it up so you can put it into your freezer.  It has nothing to do with clothing.)  See, I am learning.

Second, my dizziness is gone, so I am off to hike.  Thanks for praying.