Monday, July 16, 2012

Chicken Pox... Clean Crawl space

Can you believe this happy, healthy boy has chicken pox?

It all started two nights ago.  Max complained that his back hurt.  Like ouch, ouch.  I said, "drink water and we will see on Monday."  The next day (Sunday) he says his back is hurting him.  He was at his grandparents home and played on the computer for a few hours. So, we all assumed it was sitting still too long.

On Monday morning, I decided I would call and get him a chiropractor appointment.  There was an opening, but after saying goodbye I told her I would double check to see how he was feeling today.  I asked Max, "Hey how is your back today?"
He replied, "Great! I think it was a mosquito bite. I don't need to see the Chiropractor!"

Laughing, I called the Chiropractor back, and told her what Max said.  She laughed and we hung up.

Just being an inquiring mind, I asked Max to show me his mosquito bites.  UGHH!  His back had about 20 welts/blistery looking things that looked exactly like chicken pox.  We confirmed it with a dr. appointment.

The funny thing is that Max didn't even know what a blood pressure was because he hasn't been to a doctor in over 3 years!

He has no symptoms today other than some ugly sores that are itchy.  He says he feels like a time bomb, that will only hurt others but is not too bad for him.  So, we are at home.  I am clearing out the crawl space listening to screwtape letters by C.S. Lewis.  The girls are at grandmas and the home is TOOOO QUIET. We are listening to Jungle Book unabridged on CD while I knit.

I love my little man.  He has done some research to find out all about the chicken pox.  He told me that it has nothing to do with chickens.