Wednesday, March 14, 2012

0 Celsius

Coming home from Hunt -n- Brunch Journey planning meeting, I saw it with my own eyes.  Two tweens wearing tee-shirts and jeans in 0 degrees Celsius.  And I actually thought, yeah, it is warming up a bit.

When we were in Africa, people would be bundled up in big coats, hats, scarfs, and complaining about the cold when it was 0 C.

It is all a matter of what you have lived through.  If this was the coldest day of winter, yeah you would be bundled up.  But, here in Alaska, we averaged about -30 Celsius for the whole month of January. So, warming up to 0 is nice!

Spiritually speaking, if you have experienced the grace that is so sweet when you deserved severe punishment, or if you have been through a trial that seemed impossible, or seen God's provision when you had nothing, then you don't sweat the little things.

My friends in South Africa have been through a ton and they do have perspective.  I just heard yesterday that a dear friend was hijacked a few months back.  Thankfully, he is doing okay.
Yes, I have seen this sign in South Africa.  The question is:  How many hijacking does it take to get a sign posted.

I leave on the trip to Guatemala tomorrow.  Well, the flight is in the middle of the night, so we leave our town on Thursday evening.  I can't wait to encourage the servants working there and to see the Big Church worshiping Him in another context.  Sharing the Jesus film to a remote village and seeing/playing with the children will be another highlight I am sure!
The same is true about this sign we see daily in Alaska.  The question is:  How many moose must cross here to warrant the sign?