Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exhausted. Dog Tired

It is only 9 pm and it seems like it could be midnight.  We are so thankful for the little girl, but it is work.  She has been good via the potty training and yet to have any accidents.

However, she does have some lungs.  She doesn't like her crate.  So, she tried to whine her way out.  It didn't work.  (okay once I yielded and felt awful for not following my husbands advice).  We are not giving up with the crate.  The breeder has giving us some good advice.

She is sweet and cute, but she loves me.  She follows me up and down the stairs. We have been on three walks plus she has been groomed three times.  I hope it will be a easier night tonight. 

Jess is tired too.  YEAH I HAVE JESS WITH ME! I love seeing her and eating her good cookies, and caribou sloppy joes. We have played canasta and already watched Dolphin Tale.  We have seen a moose, eagle, and an Alaskan squirrel. 

I am still plowing through the book "So long, insecurity" by Beth Moore.  I enjoyed the picture of "how lovely is the dwelling place, O Lord Almighty".  I am the dwelling of the Holy Spirit no lies for me, just the simple truth, lovely.  Not a boastful statement, just truth.  Simple truth. Love it.