Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hound Heartache

I know this is the dumbest post.  But, since we had to depart from not only our many friends in South Africa but also our two dogs.  English Bulldog Denali and Great Dane McKinley.  We wanted to bring them to USA but, the airlines changed their policy and had to be shipped on a separate airline costing too much money (thousands+).  Our animals had the best of homes and we were thankful.

A year has gone bye.  We don't need a dog, but our family enjoys them.  They are my extra eyes when hiking, running partner who is never late, and they make us laugh.  We have looked at a variety of breeds but, after having the Great Dane all other dogs just seem too small to fill the part of our heart that was made for that great breed.

A few weeks ago, my youngest and animal lover had taken the entire blog of post it notes.  I took a photo.  It sums our feelings up.