Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It comes to the time to begin.  Life has been one of those rollercoasters.  I have been on one, trials and everything come and go.  But, lately I have been pondering about Friendship.  I was asked about friendship.  About once a month, I question relationships in general.  Not blaming hormones, but I tend to be a bit sensitive.  Sometimes even though I have a bushel of wonderful people in my life-I feel friendless.  
Probing more into my heart, I can see why I feel that.  I value truth!  And a good friend (in my humble opinion) doesn't just live life with me, but knows me.  A true friend can call me to live selflessly and more like Christ.  Words of truth spoken to me with grace is a true friend.  Under the microscope, I can see that I have been "too busy" to be vulnerable to my friends so that I can keep my "secrets" to myself.  
How about you?  Do you treasure truth-tell friends?  What is your hinderance to deep friends? 

Lord, help me to walk with transparency so that I can have freedom and forever formed into YOUR likeness.