Monday, April 21, 2014

Post-Surgery Wow & 14 years!

Thank you for all the prayers and meals.  I was well cared for both by my friends, church family, and immediate family.  Yes, I am loved by many.  I do think God used each and every one of you to love me.

I spent the first week -just sitting. I sat in different locations.  But, I sat.  I had a bit of the terrible gas pains in the shoulder.

The second week, I felt so weak.  Thanks again for the extra help.  I was able to walk around the fields on Friday with Hannah in the beautiful spring day.
Hannah is the second from the left

We celebrated Max's birth-date (26) by going out to breakfast with dad.

We also have two real birthdays, which means we will be partying fools this week.  *Yes, I will have a learner driver soon (Hannah is now 14).

Today is March 30; our eldest birthday.  It was a long weekend starting with a Disney Movie Marathon on Friday to a special event in Anchorage on Sunday with Bronwyn too.  She was able to use some of the beauty talents shared by Bobbi Brown.

I am taken back to my 14th birthday.  I was in a totally different place.  A place where as a young girl I held the weight of the world on my shoulders.  Pain exposed.  My rebellion had brought me to a new low.  But, I hadn't hit the bottom.  It will take the next 6 years and a multitude of sin to finally hear some good news.

That good news was that I was love perfectly by Jesus.

I am so thankful that my daughter knows His Love.  She is beautiful from the inside out.  I am thankful that God can use both James and me to train her and love her.