Monday, December 23, 2013

Complaining or Rejoicing

Okay, as I have mentioned before, I love having a plan.  It was getting to the end of the year, and I finished my daily reading plan.  I don't know where I skipped a week, but I couldn't find anything I hadn't read.  So, the past week or so, I have been rereading sections, but I wanted to do something to prepare my heart for Christmas.

One day, I was struck by the hunger and the waiting that we need to have for the second coming as much as the old testament saints had for the first coming of Jesus. 

However, today I found The Songs Of Christmas Reading Plan through YouVersion.  I skipped ahead because it is a 15 day plan, and it is like three days until Christmas.  I loved it.  It had scripture and a short devotional.  It started out how reluctant kids are when assigning chores (I could easily and quickly relate).  Then, it dove into how as adults we don't change.  When getting a new assignment, we don't rejoice, but often bicker or complain.  How different it was for Mary.  She rejoiced in the honor of being chosen and humbly acknowledge her Lord God.  WOW!  

Today, I want to accept the things God has given me that might be hard or that I am not ready for but instead of complaining.  I will rejoice in my Savior!

The song that spurred was "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant.  I quickly youtubed it and enjoyed the song.