Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Starting Slow... Not really

As the rain pours down, I am thankful for both the rain and a new school year.  We have an eclectic start of school.  I thought that it would be so easy, but it is slower when you are entering new books and your restarting some of the brain functions.  I call it Summer Evaporation.

However, I love it.
 This year calls for some added changes.  First, I have not only the white board displaying all the needed subjects for the day, but an Checklist that I have the authority to check off.

The children's books are put in a new place *the bathroom closet.  It has tall sturdy shelves that host the multitude of books.  My linens have found a new home.

I still highly recommend the weekly book sorting that I started last year.  It saved me TONS of time.  I even put my library books that come in early, so I don't spend hours looking for the needed books. ( you can read it here what I wrote last year)

Bronwyn asked if she could do her Bible time with me.  She says that last year she just would skim the Bible and not really apply it.  Yeah!  Of course I will.  So, we find some good corner of the home and pray and read scripture together.  She journals.  I love it.

Since it has been raining all week, it makes it easier being inside.  However, as soon as the sun comes back, we are taking a "Sun Day Off". We never take snow days; however, we take all the sun we can by enjoying the last bit of summer hiking that we can.  *blueberries are ripe as well.